Vibha Volunteer Organization

I have volunteered with Vibha Dallas since I was 7 years old :

My most notable contribution to this organization is the Study Buddy Program. Established between the Pale Blue Dot Foundation and Vibha, the Study Buddy Program offers extra tutoring towards the children of Bhutanese refugees living in certain areas in the United States and India, including the states of Ohio and Texas. I started the program in 2021, with my student Salina, who was a sixth grader at the time. The program spans the entirety of the school year and renews again after the summer ends for both the tutor and student. I have been able to explore my passion for mentoring under-privileged and make a difference, which is really important to me. Salina and I have grown together and learned from each other, and my relationship with her and the impact I have made on her learning process is the most important feeling that I take away from my involved tutoring experience.

Some other activities:

  • Plant sales - selling plant saplings in the spring (saplings of vegetables and flowers for the upcoming growing season)

  • Bake sales

  • Valley Ranch Park community cleanup

  • Diwali Diya sale

  • Canned Food Drive

  • Blanket Drive

Summer camps:

Teaching middle school kids

  • language and literacy skills

  • personal financial literacy.

Our Pale Blue Dot Foundation is a non-profit based in Allen, TX. Its purpose is to provide Study-Buddy tutoring services to Bhutanese refugee children in Dallas and Ohio.

Case Western University write-up about Bhutanese Refugees in Ohio: