Vibha Volunteer Organization

I have been a part of the Vibha Dallas Chapter since 7th grade. Since then, I have participated in many plant sales, bake sales, clothing donation drives, park clean ups, and more. I have also conducted a summer camp and will be doing it again this year with a focus on personal finance. My most notable contribution, however, is the Study Buddy Program. Established between the Pale Blue Dot Foundation and Vibha, the Study Buddy Program offers extra tutoring towards the children of Bhutanese refugees living in Ohio. I started the program in 2021, and it spans the entirety of the school year. I have been able to explore my passion for learning and make a difference, which is really important to me.


I started an internship at building-U in April 2022. building-U is a Canadian non-profit organization that is functionally structured around teams of high school students from around the world. I am a part of the Student Ambassador team. We focus on finding people in unique careers who love their job. We then request an interview and record it for our Youtube channel for the benefit of high school students looking for a career path! I have honed my correspondence skills over the past year and find joy in learning from adults who have experienced so much in their careers.

Dallas Symphony Children's Chorus

I participated in DSCC for the 22-23 school year. It was a wonderful experience for me. I had the opportunity to work with some of the best choir directors in Texas and to sing in a mixed choir as well. My favorite part was performing at the Meyerson Symphony Center for the Home Alone movie showings, as well as the Way of the Rain performances. Performing with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra was amazing, and I can't wait to do it again in a couple of months.

Gideon Math and Reading

I started working at Gideon in February 2023. I work with other tutors to provide support in math and reading through various exercises and tests. I enjoy my job because I like teaching others and working with kids is fun! I have the opportunity to exercise responsibility with the money I earn and learn to spend and save wisely.